What should an invoice include?

Elie Toubiana
September 19, 2022

Several aspects of an electronic invoice make it a very organized and standardized document. An electronic invoice has many different parts, without which it is incomplete and cannot be called an invoice. You can use a lot of software to generate electronic invoices; some of that software is free, while others have paid features.

Electronic invoices have taken over large-scale businesses to small-scale ones as well due to the ease and relief they provide. Using electronic invoices means a lot less hassle, a lesser workforce needed and not to mention there would be no human errors, which would be very bad for the PR of a large firm or a new startup. Make sure to try new software for electronic invoices for an efficient working relationship with all your clients. One of the best software to use is Zenbill's Invoice generator.

Important Headings

Headings are one of the essential parts of the whole invoice. It is legally essential to ensure that your invoice reads the invoice on the top. It should be clear and prominent for the buyer to read, so they do not mistake it for any other document. This organization is important. Moreover, a unique invoice number should be provided at the top, which would be used to track the invoice and its relevant information in case of any query.

Colors and Logos

Branding is another essential part of your invoice. You should try to use your company logo and tagline for a friendlier look on the invoice. It is common to use your official company logos on the invoice to make it seem more authentic and friendly. This is one of those things you can do to make your invoice less imposing and build a better relationship with your buyer.

Standardized Document

Your invoices should strictly follow a standardized protocol, which is very important. Make sure the font, company details and other things remain the same on each invoice you send, making your invoices more credible and better presented.  

Details of the product

As the name suggests, you would be invoicing your buyer for something they bought, which could be your services or goods. Make sure to write the complete code or name of the product/services the buyer bought to know precisely what they are paying for. Moreover, make sure to write the quantity of the product bought and the rate. Make sure to write all this clearly and separately since this breakdown is essential in an excellent detailed invoice. You should also mention any or all of the taxes you put on the final price.

Time and date

Your invoice should also contain the time and date information of the purchase of the goods.

Contact information

Your invoice should also contain your company's contact information should the buyer have a query regarding your invoice or wants a clarification. Your main aim should be to provide the best assistance to your buyer to increase buyer confidence. Hence, transparently mention your contact details.

Payment Information

If everything were fine on the invoice, the buyer would initiate the process of paying you the amount owed. Make this step easier for the buyer by clearly mentioning the payment information of your company on the invoice. Make it a point to mention more than one ways to pay for the goods for the ease of the buyer.


Electronic invoicing systems are the best way to send invoices to buyers and are better than manual systems, as we discussed earlier. They are many aspects to these invoices, as we discussed as well. Make sure to try electronic invoicing systems rather than manual ones for a more efficient working environment.



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