What is e-invoicing

Elie Toubiana
September 4, 2022

E-invoicing means the electronic transfer of an agreement, a document between a buyer and the seller. This document highlights the work done and the electronic cost of the said work. There is no physical paper trail in this case. The e-invoice is issued to the respective buyer once the seller does the work they are tasked with. However, this may not be the case if the buyer has asked to be paid before getting started.

How e-invoicing works

E-invoicing is a billing document transferred from the seller's system to the buyer's system. The e-invoice details the work done for the buyer and the cost of said work digitally. This invoice is standardized. This standardization is essential to both parties and keeps their books and accounts in order. You can make your electronic invoices using quality software like Zenbill’s Invoice builder.

Structure and electronic invoicing

E-invoices can only be a structured documents. As we discussed earlier, it cannot be a picture of the invoice or done roughly without a proper structure. A digital invoice picture in the form of scanned copies cannot be classified as an e-invoice.

E-invoicing has been there for an extended period and a good reason. Invoicing has many benefits, as we will talk about them later. Due to the ease of transactions, this invoicing is being adopted more and more in the developing world and third world countries. The European Union and other bodies are adopting this as the new and formal way of sending invoices to the buyers as it helps to keep a better record and is cost-effective.

Drawbacks of electronic invoicing

However, there might be some issues related to e-invoicing as well. Today's hacker groups can hack into your databases, and e-invoicing has security issues. Moreover, if offline clients are not connected to you digitally, you can not send them an e-invoice and will have to use one of the other traditional methods.

Benefits of E-invoicing

There are several benefits of e-invoicing and why large firms and corporations, including firms on the government level, are adopting it at an increasingly rapid rate. Manually entering data of an agreement into the paper or typing it out can cause many mechanical and human errors and is a lot more time-consuming. With the world's economy seriously affected, paper is a scarce commodity. Every business or firm needs lots and lots of paper, which can pile up the cost if you think about it. Electronic Invoicing takes this hurdle away and lowers the cost.

Main selling point of electronic invoicing

However, this is not the main benefit of e-invoicing. There are many advanced and reputable software to generate and send e-invoices in the market now. They offer high-tech integration with your accounts and other aspects of your business to provide a seamless transfer of funds and keep your books in order. This allows you to manage better, pay your taxes, and detect any fraud. Tax filling processes are a crucial part of any business, and electronic invoicing will help you do that.

This allows you to track and record your money clearly and saves time and other resources, which can be used for other critical aspects of a business. Freeing up the workforce and saving money is one of the main benefits of electronic invoicing.


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