What are five things that should be included in an electronic invoice?

Elie Toubiana
September 13, 2022

An electronic invoicing system is a digital billing system that the seller sends to the buyer for their goods and services. This electronic invoicing system has become rapidly popular due to the ease of transactions and its level of security. An electronic invoice reduces man-hours and allows you to use less workforce. An automated method also means that clerical errors can be avoided, and a more thorough audit can be done later. Electronic invoicing systems also attract potential buyers since they prefer a smooth operation. In this article, we will discuss some of the must-have features that should be included in an electronic invoice.


This is the most critical piece of information on your electronic invoice. It should bear the legal name of your company along with its logo. You can make it even better is to using your company's logos or other trademark design languages, which will help your invoice highlight itself, among others. Moreover, it is vital to add your contact information if the buyer has any queries regarding the invoice and wants to talk to you. However, do not use informal terms or slang language no matter what type of business your company is in. Moreover, do not use complicated phrases as well. Make sure to use an appropriate tone to connect with your buyer.

Legal Information

This is the information that your invoice should bear according to the law. Do not skip these things since you can get into trouble legally if there is anything wrong with your invoice. Ensure that your invoice reads the word invoice on the header and is relatively easy to read. There should be no confusion as to what type of document this is. Moreover, you should also include the unique invoice number, so you can keep a record of it or track it. Apart from that, make sure to add the description of the goods or services you offered and the rate you offered.

Monetary Terms

It would look awful and highly unprofessional if you did not double-check the invoice before sending it out of if there is accounting in your invoice. One of the main reasons people use electronic invoicing is to reduce human errors. You do not want to send another invoice on top of another to make up for old pricing or accounting errors, and it looks pretty unprofessional. Make sure to use your most recent pricing and mention the taxes and discounts you have given. It makes the invoice easier to read.

Service Details

This is another essential part when it comes to sending out invoices. You should ensure that your invoice is readable and has all the details of the goods or services you sold. In terms of the goods, make sure to mention the name, code, color, or other characteristics, which makes the product more distinguishable so that the customer does not need to call you regarding the product, which is a lot more hassle and time consuming for both the parties involved. Make sure to be transparent with your product and its pricing so you can get paid much sooner.

Payment Information

Now that you have provided all the contact details, product details, and other information regarding your product, it is also vital to add the payment methods and bank account information so the buyer can pay accordingly. Make sure to add this information since if the buyer has to figure it out on their own from your website or from having to call you about it, that will not seem professional and cause many delays in payments. Moreover, make sure to add multiple modes of payment to facilitate the buyer so they will want to do business again. Many different invoice builders have these characteristics, but we would urge you to use Zenbill's Invoice builder.



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