Is electronic invoicing safe?

Elie Toubiana
September 16, 2022

Electronic invoicing has taken over manual invoicing in recent times. Electronic invoicing refers to sending a digital bill to your client, which would then be cleared using different payment methods. Electronic invoices are legally binding and should be standardized. These standards should be strictly followed. Electronic invoices are more beneficial in many ways than regular invoices.

Benefits of electronic invoicing

An electronic invoicing system allows us to leave less carbon footprint than the old manual invoicing systems. Moreover, electronic invoicing systems are less prone to error and data entry mistakes than their manual counterparts. Most small-scale businesses to large corporations have shifted towards issuing electronic invoices for a smoother and more integrated working environment. Many freelancers also believe that electronic invoicing is more beneficial to both parties involved. We will be discussing today whether electronic invoicing mechanisms are safe to use and, if so, which ones should be used to generate these invoices.

Why is electronic invoicing safer

Electronic invoices use many different features to ensure that the document's authenticity and safety are maintained when it is transferred to a client or buyer. As we all know, hand signatures are a big part of how we seal and judge the authenticity of a document. With advanced software, you can recreate your signature digitally, which is what these invoices use.

Moreover, there are many different encryption certificates and other vital methods where third-party software is used to digitally encrypt your invoice and its sensitive information. In contrast, the third party will only let the buyer or client reveal the information for whom the invoice was initially meant. Apart from this, there are many authenticity seals, barcodes and other invoice numbers from which you can make your electronic invoicing systems safer from electronic theft.

Secure Electronic Invoicing software

BQE Core

BQE is a unique invoice maker whose operations are very secure, so you should check them out. This invoice builder is affordable and offers modular pricing, which is feasible in the long run. Moreover, BQE Core offers excellent integration of its software which your accounts and other aspects of the business to provide hassle-free electronic invoicing for your clients.


Wave is another great invoice builder you can use for your business. This is one of the most secure invoice makers in the market. WAVE is a free invoice maker, so you can check them out if you are low on budget. Moreover, this invoice maker is excellent for small businesses since the features and layout facilitate such enterprises. Invoice tracking and management is another essential feature that this invoice maker offers. Many invoice builders have less to no currency support. However, WAVE can work with many different currencies.

Zenbill’s Invoice Builder

Zenbill’s invoice builder is a fast and effective tool that can generate invoices of various types. It is one of the most trusted invoice generators on the market today and offers maximum-security protocols in its software, so your essential information is always protected. Make sure to check out the Invoice Builder by Zenbill.  


Thus, we can safely deduce that electronic invoicing is safer than manual invoicing options. You should check these electronic invoicing mechanisms we have discussed above so you can be at peace while sending your invoices. Moreover, check out the invoice builder by Zenbill since it's one of the most trusted invoice generators on the market right now!


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