How to generate an invoice for free?

Elie Toubiana
September 20, 2022

Why should you generate electronic invoices instead of manual ones

Electronic invoices are much better than manual ones into day's fast-paced world, where time is money. Electronic invoices are more time efficient as well. Before we talk about how these electronic invoices are better than manual ones, we must talk about what electronic invoices are. The electronic invoicing system and digital invoicing system are all the same thing. An electronic invoice is essentially the same thing as a manual invoice, but it’s not on a piece of paper and has a digital footprint. This digital agreement, as you can call it, is a bill generated using software by the seller for the buyer's goods or services sold.

What must electronic invoices have

Electronic invoices must contain some of the things we will talk about below. Your electronic invoice must have the word "Invoice" on the top of the invoice, and it should be straightforward to read for legal reasons as well. This is a legally binding formal document; hence it should be clear that it is an electronic invoice. Moreover, electronic invoices should also talk about the name or the codes of the products or services the seller sells to the buyer, along with the price and quantity. Moreover, you could also use your company logos and colors to set a friendly and personal tone for the invoice.

How are free electronic invoices better than manual ones

There are many different reasons why we say electronic invoices are better than manual ones. For starters, manual invoices are more prone to human errors and mistakes, which cost the company a lot in terms of money and reputation. This miscommunication also hurts the company's relationship with its buyers. Also, manual invoices need to be written down, proof checked and sent to the buyer, which means it takes more time for them to reach the buyer. Which further means the payment will be delayed. Electronic invoices are sent without any such hassle and reach the buyer a lot faster, which means there is less time lag.

Which software to use to generate free electronic invoices

There is much software online you can use to generate electronic invoices of various types. However, as a new startup or freelancer, sometimes you cannot afford these invoice generators, which can be pretty expensive. Hence, in this article, we will talk about how you can generate free invoices using some of the best software on the market.


ZipBooks is a fantastic invoice generator that offers a starting plan, which allows you to send countless invoices free! Moreover, this software is straightforward to use, and the invoices can be customized according to your liking. ZipBooks is an excellent software because it integrates well with your existing business structure, so there is a hassle-free operation.


Sunrise is also a free invoice builder, which offers many benefits of electronic invoicing. You can send invoices, get estimates and getup favorites in this software. Moreover, this software has excellent project tracking features. There is multiple currency support as well.

Zenbill Invoice Generator

Zenbill’s invoice generator is one of the best products on the market, which allows you to send invoices effortlessly. This software is super easy to use and understand, which increases the usability and popularity of Zenbill's Invoice generator.


As we have discussed, electronic invoicing systems are better than manual ones for many reasons. Moreover, electronic invoicing systems are free as well, which you can try out if you are a new startup or a local business that does not want to spend a lot on other high-end electronic invoicing systems but want to avail the benefits of these digital invoicing systems. One of the best software you can use is Zenbill's Invoice Generator. Hence check it out!


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