How do I invoice digitally?

Elie Toubiana
September 18, 2022

What are digital invoices?

Digital invoicing systems have been in the market for some now, and in this article, we will talk about why you should also upgrade your business and use digital invoicing systems. A Digital invoicing system is also known as an electronic invoicing system, whereby there is a standardized legal document that contains all the data regarding the transaction of goods between the buyer and seller. This electronic bill can be sent to the buyer, and the payment can be taken in any form. Digital invoices have now taken over businesses of varying scales. Moreover, freelancers can also use this digital invoicing system to ensure that they send the bill of their services to the buyer in a timely and efficient manner.

Why are digital invoices better than manual invoices?

You should use digital invoicing systems instead of manual ones for many reasons. For starters, a digital invoicing system is more precise and less prone to errors. When doing transactions on a larger scale, a single misprinting error can cost the company lot of money. To avoid human error, companies have started using digital invoicing software to generate and track invoices efficiently.

Moreover, digital invoices are more secure than manual ones, which have a higher risk of getting corrupted and falling into the wrong hands. You can protect the digital invoices which many different security protocols like encryption protocols, unique seal numbers and other things, which will help preserve the security of the document and hence will prevent it from both digital and manual theft.

What essential things can you write in your invoice when invoicing digitally?

You should use several things to write down your digital invoice. One of the main things is to write the invoice number so that your invoice can be tracked in case the buyer needs to talk to you regarding the transaction.

Moreover, the invoice should also come with the company's contact details. The use of company logos and colors is a nice touch, which gives the invoice a more personal feel and allows you to connect with your buyer.

Apart from this, there are some apparent aspects of your invoice. Your invoice should read the word invoice on the top of the page and be obvious and unmistakable. This document is legally binding; hence you should make sure you put on these details. Apart from this, you should also clearly mention the name or code number of the service or sound you sold, along with the quantity, price and taxes you implemented on it. This breakdown must be clear for the buyer to read.

Which software can you use for invoicing digitally?

You can use several advanced invoicing software to write your digital invoice. Some of the best invoicing software onthe market include FreshBooks, Xero and Zenbill's Invoice builder.

Zenbill’s invoice builder is one of the best products on the market, which allows you to generate an invoice effortlessly and efficiently. The details are clearly marked on the invoices, and the layout is straightforward and elegant. Moreover, Zen bill's invoice builder is also very economical and is used by both large-scale and small-scale businesses. Make sure to check it out if you are looking for a reliable invoice generator!

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