How can invoices help time tracking to keep your business ticking?

Elie Toubiana
September 28, 2022

How can invoices help time tracking to keep your business ticking?

What are invoices?

Invoices are digital bills you can send to your client for any goods and services you gave them. Invoices are legally binding documents; hence they are strictly drafted on pre-determined standards and must have some aspects. There are two main types of invoicing systems, manual and electronic. In this blog, we will be referring to the electronic invoicing system. Invoices must have the world invoice written on them clearly, so there should be no mistake when it comes to recognizing the document as an invoice. It should contain specific information for the invoice to be valid and meaningful.

Aspects of an invoice

You should provide a thorough and complete description of the goods or services that were given by you to the customer so that the customer can see for themselves what they are paying for. It is more convenient as well. Moreover, make sure to mention the prices, rates, and quantity along with any taxes so that you can be as transparent with the customer as you can. This will help boost their confidence in you as a seller. Apart from this, make sure to add your contact information as well as various methods of payment so that it makes it easier for the client to pay you and you do not face overdue or late payments.

Benefits of invoices

There are many different benefits of sending an electronic invoice to your customer. An electronic invoicing system will help you to track projects better and speed things up. Moreover, the main plus point of electronic invoicing systems is that they are very accurate and reliable when drafting an invoice. Human error is not present when you use this method; moreover, the level of security one can achieve when using any software is unmatched by any other method. You can put on your invoice to ensure that the person it was meant for many digital locks, passwords, and markers only reads it. This gives you more control as well, over your invoices. One of the best invoicing software on the market, which is very secure as well, is the Invoice Generator by Zenbill.

Time tracking benefits of invoices

One of the best features of these electronic invoicing systems is that you can track the invoices through the various stages they are in. When the invoice is active, it means that it is drafted and ready to be sent to the customer. When the invoice is sent to the customer, it enters another stage, and the software can accurately measure the time it takes for them to receive the invoice and make the payment.

These time tracking tools in the software can also levy late fees or charges if discussed before; hence, you do not have to manually keep track of the invoices and charge the customer accordingly. Invoicing software these days will help you to track and maintain the payments and all the cashflow. The software keeps track of the invoice from when it's active to when it's sent and paid. Moreover, this software can void an invoice from the servers if a specific time has passed, that is, if the command is given.


Time tracking benefits of electronic invoicing systems are their highlight and best feature; hence, one must switch to using this software if they are still using manual invoicing systems. In this article, we tried to discuss in detail how this software will help you keep track of data and time accordingly so you can run your business smoothly without worrying about ongoing or pending payments.

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