Best Electronic Invoicing software

Elie Toubiana
September 6, 2022

Electronic invoicing transfers are billing documents from the seller to the buyer in a standardized digital manner. Electronic invoicing is far superior to manual paper invoices; we will discuss why later in this article. Electronic Invoicing is done in a strict format.

Why should you use software which provides electronic invoicing

Electronic Invoicing has many benefits as well. Electronic invoicing is very fast and reliable as compared to manual invoicing. There are fewer chances of data being corrupted, and chances of data entry errors are decreased. Moreover, time is money in giant corporations; hence they use electronic invoicing to free up their workforce for better management of tasks and time.

Importance of Integration

The software can generate electronic invoices for you and send them to the buyers. This software is smartly developed and integrates well with your accounts department and other aspects of your business, so all fund transactions are safe and recorded. This seamless flow of money is precisely what these electronic invoice software are all about.

Best invoicing software

This software lets you get your payments on time and track different projects. We have compiled a list of 4 invoicing software you can use to track your billable hours and projects and generate and send invoices to buyers for a smooth business operation.

Square Invoices

Square invoices is one of the best and most affordable invoice generating software you can buy. Their plans range from zero dollars and go up to $20. There are free and paid plans for square users. Hence you can use the one which suits your business needs the best. Square's charges are also quite reasonable while providing you with endless transactions. They charge 2.9 % plus $0.30 per online transaction, 1 %for bank transfers, etc. This software is best for small businesses and can handle such transactions effectively.

Square lets you accept payments in any form, which is a huge plus point. Moreover, integrating your client database and inventory makes things function more smoothly than ever.

Zenbill’s Invoice Builder

Zenbill’s invoice builder is another fantastic product by Zenbill that allows you to generate invoices swiftly while being secure. Moreover, Zenbill provides foolproof security encryption that will handle the transactions so you can do your business and make cash transactions with peace of mind.

Starter package for Zenbill’s Invoice Builder

The starter package for this fantastic product starts at around $49 and offers many features at that price point. The rates are 2.9 % per transaction and $0.30 with credit cards. This is hence a very affordable product with all the premium features.


FreshBooks is known for its ease of use and accessibility. Nothing is complicated about this software; it has made generating invoices and sending them more accessible than ever. However, a little more on the expensive side, their plans are not free. They start from$15 and go up to $50.

The best thing about FreshBooks is that their lower plans are usually the best option for more businesses; hence, you do not need to splash money unnecessarily. Moreover, there is an option for a custom pricing plan, which allows you to choose a plan that caters to your specific business needs.

Zoho Invoices

Zoho invoices are another excellent tool for generating invoices that are also free, so they will not strain your wallet. This software allows you to track billable hours and projects as well. Hence it comes highly recommended.

Zoho Invoices is made for people with limited business needs and only a couple of clients. Moreover, Zoho only allows you to generate a thousand invoices per year – which is relatively low. However, this software's project management and client portal feature has made it one of the best.


Xero is another software that can help you generate invoices as well. However, it is a bit pricier as the plans start from $12 to $65. There are several accounting and customizable features on this app, which makes it very convenient for most small businesses; however, there are no free plans on this app. However, this app has a trial plan, which you can use and make an informed decision.

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